Payments Education On-Demand

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With on-demand learning, your employees can log onto online courses anytime, any day, from anywhere. Our library will provide you with the core curriculum you need to train your staff on-demand!

Internet based classes combine a visual slide presentation with presenters voice streaming. Each webcast includes downloadable reference materials and can be accessed at a time that best suits your team. Project the webcast in a conference room and you can train multiple members of your staff for a single, low-cost registration fee.  Your purchase will be viewable throughout the calendar year.

Webcast Benefits:

  • Training happens when and where you want it.
  • Options for Single or Multiple Viewings.
  • No travel expense.

On Demand Sessions available 48 hours after the live recording date.


Note: AAP/APRP Continuing Education Credits for Webinar Recordings

AAPs and APRPs may submit up to 10 credit hours for self-study. Pre-recorded webinars originally held in the same calendar year for which credits are being earned are included in this new category. Please note, AAPs and APRPs are not able to re-submit credits for any webinar they listened to during the live broadcast, and management certification for time spent listening is required. Please reference NACHA's AAP Continuing Education Guidelines and APRP Continuing Education Guidelines for more information.

Top 3 Member Questions: Exceptions, Reclamations and IATs (Power Hour - 3/1/18)

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Government Payments (Power Hour - 7/19/18)

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Same Day Expansion.. What's Next? (Power Hour - 10/11/18)

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Return Fee Entries and Reinitiated Entries

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Best Business Practices & Risk Controls Retail Payments

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2019 Payments System Update

Account Disclosures- What payment info is needed?

ACH Beginner Webinar Series

ACH Fundamentals Webinar Series

ACH Origination - Start Up Lab

ACH Origination - Building Your Education Program

ACH Origination - Audit Your Origination Customers

Advanced ACH Series

Banks Competing with P2P Technology

Check Products

Check Exceptions: Returns & Adjustments

Check Standards and Formats

Check Regulations: Regulation CC Part I

Check Regulations: Regulation CC Part II

Check Regulations: Uniform Commercial Code

Check Payments & Check Processing

Compliance Mini Webinar Series

Credit Underwriting for ACH & RDC Customers

Effectively Setting and Monitoring ACH and RDC Exposure Limits

EMV Liability Update

FFIEC Cybersecurity Tool Kit

Fighting Cyber Crime While Balancing Security and Convenience

Government Payments - Know Your Responsibilities!

Interchange Series

Payments Fraud - Risk and Risk Mitigation Part II

“Read Twice, Click Once” - Business Email Compromise

RDFI Fundamentals

Regulation CC Quick Review

Regulation E - Debit Card

Regulation E- Card Disputes and Liability

Same Day ACH Recap

Same-Day ACH - The Debits Are Coming

Stop Payments vs Authorization Revoked - Reg E and ACH Rules

Taking Charge of Chargebacks

Tax Refunds

Third Party - Know Your Customer

Third Party Sender Registration Briefing

Top Ten ACH Audit Exceptions & Solutions

Unauthorized Entries - Before and Beyond the 60 Days

Understanding Credit Card Processing

Underwriting Guidelines for ACH and RDC Customers