RTP Audit Service

Real Time Payments (RTP) Participant Audit -- The Clearing House requires all RTP Participants to complete an annual audit to verify compliance with the RTP Participation and Operating Rules, as required by RTP Operating Rule IX.A.2.  Who better to conduct your institution’s RTP audit than your resource for electronic payments information and training?  A PaymentsFirst payments expert can conduct your RTP audit and examine each facet of your RTP operations.  The audit includes a review of compliance with the RTP Participation and Operating Rules, review of online banking products using RTP, areas of compliance, and review of procedures related to processing RTP payments. PaymentsFirst is a licensed Direct Member of Nacha and our team of consultants are payments experts. 

The PaymentsFirst RTP Audit service includes:

  • Service checklists
  • Client questionnaire
  • Review of sound business practices and internal controls
  • Review of agreements
  • Opening and Exit interviews
  • Written report including findings and/or recommendations
  • Certification of Audit Form
  • Access to auditor for questions

RTP Audit Service Request Form